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The competencies of our team stem from the alliance of academic knowledge, critical rigor, and scientific research methods coupled with practical insights attained from working with real-world systems.

Milovan Milivojevic

PhD. in Computer Science

Srdjan Obradovic

BSc in Information Technology

Ivan Djokovic

BSc in Economics

Zorica Tanaskovic

Ph.D. in Management and Bussines

Katarina Djokovic

in Technology BSc witMaster h Honours in Technology

Zarko Bogicevic

PhD candidate in Information Technology

Srecko Curcic

PhD. In Mechanical Engineering, external co-worker (Mechatronic)

Dr. Srecko Stopic

RWTH Aachen University Germany, voluntary external co-worker

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Our Expertise

23 Years Of Experience In
IT Solutions Service

Empowering Your Business With Data Science and AI Technology

IT Management
Data Science
AI & Machine Learning

Olympia.DataCore provides data-driven solutions and services enabling our clients to monetize their data in the emerging Data economy world. We do this by thoughtfully applying the paradigms of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Industry 4.0.


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